Is Bubble Soccer Safe?

This question is almost always within the first few answers you may seek when enquiring about this sport. And trust us, you’re not alone. Almost every enquiry we receive will ask us about this.

Personally, I’ve been running events and team building programs for slightly over 10 years.  I’ve heard this question time and time again; from teachers at school to Human Resource officers to committee members - this is a common worry.

Today, I shall try to go about addressing this pertinent question.  

Bubble Soccer is like any other sport where injuries can occur. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably lying to your face.  With any activity that involves running and turning, short burst of speed and motion, individuals run a higher risk of injuries, like a sprained ankle, knee, a fall etc.

Bumping is Dangerous?



Compared to other team building activities; Bubble Soccer does have a susceptibility higher rate of injury.  You may think it’s due to all the bumping into another but on the contrary; that actually is the safest part of this activity. It’s when participants stand up that injuries tend to occur.

When participants are taking part in Bubble Soccer, a certain level of euphoria or excitement does kick in. As such, once an individual is knocked down, they tend to react by trying to get up as soon as possible from whichever angle they are in into the upright position.  When one is donning a suit; your hands are generally within the suit and not extended, so all the pivoting and balancing happens on the leg. 

What is the Proper Way?

The correct technique would be to get on your knees and bring yourself to an upright position one leg at a time. However, even after repeated reminders, we have seen participants balancing or pivoting their entire body weight on one leg to get up and SNAP! They get injured because they sprained their ankle or twisted their knee.

How Do We Then Avoid Injuries?

The pre-activity briefing is extremely important as all participants will be shown how to safely don the bubble suit and get up after a tumble or a fall.  Facilitators are trained to remind participants to get up safely and guide them from time to time. Usually when they fall the first time; all their memories of the briefing also falls out together (unfortunately).

 The recommended session time of 2 hours for a group of up to 40 pax is actually to allow ample time for the briefing and safety portion to be covered. But of course the 2 hours more importantly ensures maximum game time as well.

Can I Avoid Injuries Associated with Playing Sports?

Sure. Instead of actually playing it, just watch Bubble Soccer on YouTube! (But then again, you may fall off the chair or slip on your way to the kitchen for a snack, oops)

Why Then Should I Still Do Bubble Soccer?

Simple. It’s the most legal way to literally push around your friends and colleagues and more importantly, it’s safe and controlled.

Looking forward to your session? So are we!

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