Staff of North Vista Secondary showing off the soaps they just made

Staff of North Vista Secondary showing off the soaps they just made

Our customisation can be achieved in even the simplest of events. A sample:

Customised event schedule

Customised event schedule

  1. All teachers gather at a common venue at the start of the event

  2. Everybody participates in one choice of activity - Human Foosball

  3. Upon completion, they split into 4 sub groups - Bowling, Soap Making, Aroma Therapy, Archery Tag

  4. After each activity, all the teacher comes back together for lunch at choice of restaurant - Rumah Rasa



Amazing Race booklet exclusively made according to their F1 theme

Amazing Race booklet exclusively made according to their F1 theme

Much like the Amazing Race game show we are all familiar with, participants will go through a planned out trail and compete with each other to complete each stations along the trail. These stations are equipped with different challenges that can be customisable specifically to suit your company’s profile (e.g one of the stations has participants finding hidden letters around them that will piece up into the word ‘Netherlands’ which is where Unilever HQ is located).

Each team flags off at the same time with a task (e.g crossword puzzle). The fastest team to complete the task correctly will get to move on to the first station first. Each team is given a booklet with a map, clues and additional mini-challenges they can do along the way for additional points (e.g selfie challenges). The first team to complete all the stations and arrive at the final checkpoint will gain bonus points.

Ready to make the game show a reality? Let Fun Activities craft up an amusing race for you!



Many organisations are looking to foster team spirit and camaraderie through mimicking the excitement and experience of sports days during our schooling years.

Fun Activities presents to you a unique blend of activities that serves to entice the entire team. All the favourite games - old and new - and all with a little twist. The different sports are meant to appeal to varying degrees of athleticism without being too intense on those that have lost a yard or two. Most importantly, all our activities ensures everybody will have FUN.

The Fun Activities Sports Day Experience Includes:
Houses/Teams + Company/House T-Shirts + Winner Trophy + Company/House Wristbands + Extreme F.U.N!



Our library of activities allows you to choose the right activities for your NS MEN. We have conducted cohesion sessions indoors and outdoors. Let us know your duration, type of activity and venue (either in camp or we can propose a venue for you). We will recommend our suggestions based on your requirements. You can kick back and watch YOUR NS MEN have a good time!


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