Themes dictate the look and feel of events. From Halloween to Christmas, or Chinese New Year celebrations, we got it all covered. Not just are the decorations aligned with the theme, Fun Activities will exclusively tailor our activities to enhance the celebration and dictate your event experience.

Creating unique experiences for YOU is our bread & butter. Ensuring YOU and YOUR team enjoys the experience is the cream on the cake.




The Fun Activities team develops the concept and design of event according to your needs. For Tampines North Community Centre, we had a family carnival on the lower level basketball court and 2 Haunted Houses in the room and hall on the upper level. Fun Activities joined hands to engage the community to be involved in this celebration. We actually collaborated with a neighbouring school for volunteers to be scare actors in our Haunted House and encouraged them to create one of their own.

From decorations to creation of the whole event (including carpentry work for fabrication of the Haunted House!), Fun Activities ensures all details line up with the concept using creative solutions.




When it comes to an occasion that happens annually, it can be hard to make it different from previous years. Especially if it is a seasonal event that the whole world celebrates! (How do you compete with real snow?!)

Fun Activities can create a concept out of a dream but we also realise that it needs to be realistic. As much as we can push for our clients, we will, but we are also firm in knowing what is feasible. Having done numerous events, we are aware of the different elements that create the essence of Christmas. Albeit we are not able to bring snow to Singapore, there is no doubting whether we are naughty or nice.


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